The Tiny Globule Volume 1

Edited by CG Hatton and Graeme Wilkinso
ISBN 978-1908-299-17-8
Published by Sixth Element, September 2011

The Tiny Globule Volume 1 is the first in a series of startlingly original sci-fi short story anthologies. From grunts in alien trenches to lonely robots to alternate realities to enormous icky insects, The Tiny Globule has the lot. Fast paced action, darned good plots and great characters come together in thirteen stories by thirteen brand new authors that are sure to leave you panting in anticipation for more. 

Volume 1 features stories by Daniel Durrant, Sue Anderson, Will Nett, AD Stott, CG Hatton, Anne Colledge, Graeme Wilkinson, Ian Laskey, Matthew Preston, Louise Hume, Matt Watts, Herika R Raymer and James Harris.


Mark Garner on Amazon: “Sci-fi, I think, works best when its imagined worlds ultimately reflect our own. For example, as war in Afghanistan continues into its 10th year, Daniel Durrant opens this collection by inviting us to consider warfare as an ultimately self-perpetuating industry. Sue Anderson, meanwhile, shines a light on the absurdity of racial and cultural conflict through her story of an alien pen-pal from a race of extreme shape-shifters. Likewise, Will Nett uses his carefully crafted prose to remind us of the perpetuators of such racism; Nazi war criminals lingering in the shadows, both literally and imaginatively. Then there's AD Scott who offers a wry take on the modern gamer who, like many of us now, is wired to the web, becoming mentally and physically ever helpless and reliant on such systems. So five tales in and this collection has already set the tone for some thought-provoking and effective Sci-fi.

Warfare surfaces again in CG Hatton's "Tuesday" as we're provided with an alternative view from the frontline, cleverly presented and much in the fast-paced, raw action that was a feature of her recent novel, Residual Belligerence. Our preconceptions are nicely overturned with a shocking revelation at its conclusion.

Amongst my personal favourites were "The Head of the Firm" by Anne Colledge and "Five Minutes (or Forever One Step Ahead)" by Graeme Wilkinson. Anne Colledge's neat psychological horror story appealed to my love of great writers of the macabre, such as H P Lovecraft or Edgar Allen Poe. I also found Graeme Wilkinson's "Five Minutes" to be a superb concept, beautifully executed in a taut narrative where art and science collide in a satisfyingly chilling way.

In summary, I'm happy to say that everything that's good about short-story writing is here. science fiction and the short story are sometimes overlooked. The short story in particular is occasionally considered the baby brother of the more serious novel. As such, The Tiny Globule is a thing to be celebrated; showcasing skilled and imaginative writing that challenges our philosophies and spooks our certainties. Inevitably, with such a range of ideas and authors in a single volume, readers will no doubt find some of the content more to their taste than others. Therein, however, may lay the ultimate pleasure from The Tiny Globule. Namely, reading though a pageant of rich ideas told in a diverse ways. And variety is, as Sue Anderson's Shape Shifter reminds us, the spice of life.”

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