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The almost mythical Thieves’ Guild has no qualms about playing both sides of the line, manipulating and exploiting the ever-present rumblings of discontent between Earth and Winter. No one messes with the Thieves’ Guild. Except someone just did. Blackmail, murder, betrayal and the highest bounty in history set the Thieves’ Guild at the centre of a conflict that sparks a galaxy-wide war. And that’s just the beginning… 

“This book rocks! I loved the way the story’s universe starts out lived in and established. Fantastic sci-fi with tons of action. I can’t wait to continue the series.”
Matthew, USA, November 2015

“Great new read. This got me back into sci-fi again. Great book, well written and had me hooked…”
Phase58, UK, February 2015

“Great plot and intrigue. Couldn’t put it down. Sci fi fans this is a must.”
Gai, USA, June 2015

“Quick descriptions, great dialogue as well as wonderful story lines…”
Sue Owen, USA, October 2013

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